In this article we review a variety of common error messages and scenarios and the steps to help you begin troubleshooting.

Tip #1

Error Message

"An error has occurred in North52 FormulaManager.System.ServiceModel.QuotaExceededException: The size necessary to buffer the XML content exceeded the buffer quota."


The usual cause of an error like this would be when the Formula is running Post-Operation and the Formula is updating a field on the record, that is also a trigger field for the Formula, thereby creating an infinite loop.  This will also apply if the Source Property is set to All Properties.

To resolve this error, you will need to set the Formula's Source Properties correctly.


Tip #2

Error Message

"An error has occurred in North52 FormulaManager"


This error message has 2 potential causes:

    1. Some error has occurred in the Formula that is executing and the North52 Configuration record Trace Level is set to Off
    2. An error occurs further along the execution pipeline
        a. For example, the Formula updates a field on an Account record. There is another piece of logic that triggers on change of that field (a North52 Formula, a plug-in or a real-time workflow) and this has an error in it

To begin resolving this you could change the Trace Level value to Information (Show Exception Details). This will display the error from the main Formula in scenario 1, or bubble up the error message from the later executing logic in scenario 2.


Tip #3

Error Message

"An error has occurred in North52 FormulaManager.An exception System.FormatException was thrown while trying to convert input value '?' to attribute 'account.primarycontactid'. Expected type of attribute value: System.Guid. Exception raised: Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)."


The Formula is attempting to do an UpdateRecord() and the value that is passed into the Account's primarycontactid field should be a Guid, but instead a ? is being provided instead.

Usually in a FindValue() function a '?' is set as the default if no value is found, so its likely the trace log will show this. 

It is possible that there is incomplete data in the Dynamics instance, or the FindValue() needs to be corrected.


Tip #4

Error Message

Behavior: No server side Formulas are executing at all


It is possible that the SDK message processing steps that connect North52 Formulas to server-side events have been disabled somehow.

Follow the steps in this article to reactivate them:  


Tip #5

Error Message

Time out Exceptions in N52 Publish All workflow

An unexpected error occurred from ISV code. (ErrorType = ClientError) Unexpected exception from plug-in (Execute):  North52.FormulaManager.Plugins.Configuration.N52Command: Microsoft.Crm.TimeoutException: Couldn’t complete execution of the North52.FormulaManager.Plugins.Configuration.N52Command plug-in within the 2-minute limit.

This is saying the Publish is unable to complete inside the platform 2 minute time limitation.

There are two steps you can take to resolve this:

Resolution 1

Delete Trace Logs

North52 Formulas have a parental relationship with their trace logs. Therefore if you have a Formula with hundreds of trace logs, that is is being replaced, the delete process will cascade delete all the trace logs. This can take some time.

To resolve:
  • Go to the North52 App
  • Select all existing Trace Log records and Delete them
    • Ideally using a Bulk Delete Job
  • Click Publish All Customizations again (to re-trigger the N52 Publish All workflow)

In most cases, this will resolve the issue for you.

Resolution 2

Lower the Publish Count

If you are still seeing timeouts, you can lower the N52 Publish Count. Please see this article:

By lowering the count, it will reduce the number of Formulas that are attempting to be published at the same time, but the publish workflow can take longer to complete.


Tip #6

Error Message

Form names are different between instances

Exception type: System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.OrganizationServiceFault] Message: The form named New Form cannot be found. If you have renamed or deleted the form you will need to restore the form so changes can be made to this formula.


This error message occurs when you are trying to publish a client-side Formula that is connected to a form that doesn't exist in the target instance. Often the form has been renamed, or maybe has been deleted entirely.

To resolve:

  • Correct the form name in the source instance
  • Modify the formulas on that form to have the correct form binding
  • Save and publish the Formulas
  • Re-export from source instance
  • Import into target instance and publish

Or you could rename the form in the target instance to match the source instance (usually only applies if the form in the target instance was renamed accidentally).


Tip #7

Error Message

Scheduler infinite loop

Message: This workflow job was canceled because the workflow that started it included an infinite loop. Correct the workflow logic and try again. For information about workflow logic, see Help.


This error message occurs when your schedule triggers Microsoft's infinite loop detection. You will need to decrease the Schedule's loop depth tolerance so that you avoid the Microsoft error.  

To resolve:

  • Decrement the Max Infinite Loop Depth on the Schedule by 2
  • Retest Scheduler
  • If error persists, decrement infinite loop count again and retest
  • Repeat until resolved


Tip #8 

Error Message

Nested Exceptions

Unhandled Exception: Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.InvalidPluginExecutionException: An error has occurred in North52 FormulaManager. 

List of the possible sources that a nested exception is being thrown:

  •  Another formula
  •  Real-time Workflows
  •  Custom Plug-In
  •  Data Integration such as Scribe, Simego, etc.


In order to capture the nested exception we need to turn on tracing. The steps below will show you how to do this:

  • Navigate to the North52 Configuration record
  • Change the Tracing Level to Information (Show Exception Details)
  • Click Save
  • Perform the action that caused the failure to see the nested exception details


Tip #9 

Error Message

Client-side Formula not executing upon trigger

Client-side formula not executing / bindings are not setup


This issue doesn't come with an error but it is noticeable because client-side Formulas don't trigger when they should.

First you need to check if the bindings are set up:

  • Open up the form designer for the applicable form
  • Open the Form's Properties
    • Under Form Libraries make sure all 3 JavaScript libraries are there: north52_/javascript/n52.json, north52_/javascript/ and north52_/javascript/n52.clientside
    • Under Event Handler, make sure the expected event has north52_/javascript/n52.clientside
      • For example a client-side formula on the Account entity that triggers on change of the description field would have a north52_/javascript/n52.clientside on Control equal to Description and Event equal to Change

If any of the above are missing, you will need to recreate the bindings:

  • Open the Formula and select N52 Command > Publish Formula
  • If the issue still persists, you will need to re-select the bindings
  • In the Formula, expand Source & Target and set the Source Property to any field, save and then set the Source Property back to the original field and save again
  • Publish the Formula once more and retest


Tip #10

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