In the previous article we discussed that there are 2 types of trace logs:
  • Informational trace logs
  • Error trace logs

Error tracing is always on, so if something throws an error, North52 will attempt to tell you what happened.

Information tracing is different and must be manually turned on. It can be enabled in 2 ways:
  1. At the Local level (whenever a specific formula completes successfully it will generate a North52 Trace log).
  2. Globally via the North52 Configuration Record. (Whenever any North52 formula completes it will generate a tracelog).

Note 1: Having North52 tracing running at the Global level and the Formula level will generate 2 trace logs for a Formula, as the trace will be generated twice, one for the Global and one for the Local level.

Note 2: Global tracing enabled in a production system can generate a lot of trace logs if the system is busy.

Enable Local Tracing

  • Open the formula and expand the deployment settings:
  • Set the Trace Level to Information
  • When the Formula executes, it will generate a trace log

Enable Tracing Globally

  • Open the North52 Configuration record and locate Tracing Level:
  • When Tracing Level is set to Information, every North52 Formula that executes will generate a trace log when it completes successfully