The Quick Button App from North52 is a ready-go-to solution for Microsoft Dynamics 2013/2015/2016/365 that allows you to place a HTML web-resource on a form which displays a button to the end user. This button can be configured to execute a North52 Formula which can then perform an action or return a message to be displayed to a user. 

It consists of a HTML web resource which can be used as-is or can be fully customized to specific requirement. The following screenshot shows what a 'Update Related Contacts' button could look like when it is configured on the Account form.

Refer to this article for a real world scenario.

We will go through the setup of a basic button below using Decision Tables.

Note:  you will need to have already set up the formula you want to trigger with the Quick Button. Please do this beforehand (you can use the real world scenario mentioned above) and keep note of the formula short code.

Install Process

  1. Ensure North52 BPA is installed
  2. Download the solution file from the Quick Button app home page
  3. Logon to Dynamics and navigate to Settings > Solutions
  4. Click Import and choose the downloaded solution file to import
  5. Use all the default options during the install process
  6. After the import completes click 'Publish All'

Note: There are 4 web resources in North52 Quick Button

  • north52_quick_button_unified_interface requires North52 BPA v1.0.0.566 or higher installed and is the recommended version to use.
  • north52_quick_button_advanced requires North52 BPA v1.0.0.536 or higher installed.
  • north52_quick_button_subgrid requires North52 BPA v1.0.0.536 or higher installed. Use this when you need to execute a formula on subgrid records. See how to configure this Quick Button type here
  • north52_quick_button requires North52 BPA v1.0.0.471 or higher installed. This web resource should be considered deprecated.

The Unified Interface version offers significantly more functionality, backwards compatibility and works with the Unified Interface client - we would always recommend using this web-resource.

Creating the Quick Button Control Formula

  • Create a new formula, setting the following values in the Formula Guide:
    • Source Entity set to Account
    • Set Formula Type to ClientSide - Calculation
      • Note: This is the recommended Formula Type, although the Process Genie type is also supported 
    • Select the Decision Table editor
  • Change the Name of the formula to Update Related Contacts - Quick Button
  • Click Save
  • Select Snippets > Quick Button from the options above the Decision Table editor
  • Under Label-1, type 'Update Related Contacts - Quick Button'
  • Under ClickShortCode-1, type in the Short Code of the formula you want to trigger
  • Click Save
  • Your Formula should like this:


  • Make a note of the formula Short Code in the top right hand corner of the formula
  • Open the form designer of the form where the button should be displayed
  • Add the north52_quick_button_unified_interface web-resource to the form where you want the button to appear
  • Type your formula Short Code into the Custom Parameter(data) field as shown below:
  • Click on the Formatting tab
  • Under row Layout, set the Number of Rows to 2

Steps to Enable Tablet Support

  • Open the Quick Button Web Resource properties:

  • Click on the lookup hyperlink north52_quick_button_unified_interface.htm to open up the Web Resource and ensure Enable for mobile is ticked:
  • Click Save and close the Web Resource
  • Refresh the Web Resource Properties page
  • In the Visibility section, check Enable for Mobile

  • Click OK
  • Publish this change on your form