The Quick Button Subgrid web resource allows you to place a button on your form that when clicked will execute a formula for records in a specific subgrid.

Note: Quick Button solution version 3.8 or above is required to use the Quick Button Subgrid web resource. Download latest version


  1. Create a Formula of type 'ClientSide - Calculation' to perform the desired operation. This is the recommended formula type, although the Process Genie type is also supported. 
  2. Make a note of the formula shortcode in the top right hand corner of the formula
  3. Next open the form designer for the form that you want the button displayed on
  4. Add the north52_quick_button_subgrid.htm web-resource to the form where you want the button to appear
  5. Configure it as shown in the screenshot below, changing the 3-character shortcode
  6. The custom parameters (data) field needs to be set in the following order separated by a | (pipe) character:
Data Parameter Required? Value
First Yes Short Code
Second Optional Display name for the button, default is 'Click Me'
Third Optional Button Styles
Fourth Yes Unique name of target Subgrid 
Fifth Optional Save and Refresh options: presaveonly or presaveandrefresh -see examples on Quick Button article
Sixth Optional Row selection: allrows or selectedrowsonly (default). The allrows parameter will execute the formula for all rows in the subgrid, whereas the the default selectedrowsonly parameter requires that the user selects records from the subgrid before clicking the button.


See xRM Formula sample #203 for full details of a Quick Button Subgrid implementation.