Scenario Overview

In this example we are going to use a North52 Quick Button to update the quantities on selected write-in Opportunity Products to a default value of 100 units. This will be applied by simply selecting the line items from the Opportunity sub grid and clicking the Quick Button.


N52 Formula Manager Solution

  The Formula manager solution works like this,
  • We create a formula of type ClientSide-Calculation on the Opportunity Product
  • This formula when triggered will set the value of the quantity field.

Adding the Button to the Form

  • Open the Form editor
  • Select Insert -> Web Resource.
  • Choose the north52_quick_button_subgrid.htm web resource
  • Add the Custom Parameters
    • The shortcode of the formula you want to trigger
    • The Button text
    • Select the type of button you want to use
    • The name of the grid you want the button to work on
If you have never used Quick Button before you can see more detailed documentation at this link.

Formula in use

When the Quick Button has been set up, we select some records from the sub-grid and click on the button. This updates the quantities for these Opportunity Products.



  SetAttribute('quantity', 100)