Follow the steps in this article to set up a Test Runner record that will automatically execute Tests on a schedule that you define.


For this article you will need to have installed and configured the North52 Calculator Demo solution, and created a number of Tests.

Create the Test Runner record

  • Open the North52 Decision Suite app
  • Navigate to TestShield > Test Runner
  • Click New
  • On the Test Runner tab:
    • Expand the Demo Calculator Test Plan
    • Expand the Calculations Test Suite
    • Check all the Tests you wish to include in your Test Runner
  • Select the Test Runner Settings tab
    • Change the Name to Test Runner - Demo Calculator Tests
    • Leave the Start DateTime as it is (for this exercise we want the first run to execute immediately)
    • Change the Frequency to Daily
  • Click Save

Start the Test Runner

Each Test Runner record must be started for the scheduled Tests to be executed. 

  • Select N52 Commands > Start Test Runner from the form command bar

You can monitor the progress of the Test Runner and Test processes from System Jobs. You can quickly access this from the North52 App Start Page, by clicking the System Jobs button under the Administration section.

Test Results

After the Tests have completed, select the Test Runner Results tab to view the results from all the Tests included in the Test Runner.

Look for any failures - two of the tests above are showing failures. Open the Test Result record to view the detail:

  • In the JSON Test Results section we can see that the first step failed - this is because the expected value in the Assert tab is incorrect 

  • Additional detail showing the full trace of the test run can be found on the Test Trace tab

Stop the Test Runner

The Test Runner will continue to execute daily until it is manually stopped. To do this:

  • Open the Test Runner record
  • Select N52 Commands > Stop Test Runner from the form command bar