We have created a simple Calculator demo App to help you understand how you can test the following scenarios:

  • Calculation by Microsoft Flow (automated trigger)
  • Calculation by Microsoft Flow (manual HTTP trigger)
  • Calculation by Business Rule
  • Calculation by real-time Workflow
  • Calculation by background Workflow
  • Calculation by North52 Business Process Activities

The Calculator App has all the necessary components to perform the calculations so that all you need to focus on is creating the tests.


To install the Calculator App and get started with TestShield training you will need to import the following solutions in this order:

  1. North52 Business Process Activities/Test Shield - Download from the Dashboard
  2. North52 Quick Button - Download from the Dashboard
  3. North52 Demo Calculator Solution - Download from the Dashboard
    1. Ensure that you Publish All Customizations once this solution has imported


Once the North52 Demo Calculator solution is installed the following steps will need to be performed to be able to test the Microsoft Flow scenarios:

  • Go to
  • Click on Solutions
  • Open the North52 Demo Calculator solution (note if you do not see the solution ensure that you are in the correct Environment)
  • Open the following Flows and ensure that the Connections are set up correctly and then turned on:
    • Simple Calcuator - CDS Create (Flow)
    • Simple Calcuator - CDS Update (Flow)
    • Simple Calcuator - HTTP Request with Record ID (Flow)
  • Open the Simple Calcuator - HTTP Request with Record ID (Flow) in edit mode
    • Click on the When a HTTP Request is Received step
    • Copy the HTTP Post URL
  • Navigate to the North52 App and select Business Process Activities > xCache
    • Create a new xCache record
    • Enter Calculator for the Category
    • Enter Calculator_FlowTriggerUrl for the Base Key
    • In the Value (Secured) field enter the HTTP Post URL you copied in the step above
    • Leave the other fields within the Value Information section as their defaults
    • Click Save


Test everything is working by opening the North52 Calculator Demo app and create a new Calculation record with the following values:

  • Set Value One to 10
  • Set Value Two to 5
  • Set Operator to Multiply
  • Click Save
  • Click the Calculate Using Flow HTTP trigger Quick Button
  • Click the form Refresh button
    • If all results are not calculated, wait a few more seconds for the background processes to finish and click the Refresh button again
  • The completed form should look like this:

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