Q. Can I use North52 BPA in production environments for free?

A. Yes. BPA has a basic edition which allows 5 active formulas or schedules to be created & used in production environments. 

Q. Can I create more that 5 formulas or schedules ?

A. Yes. But you will need to purchase a licence key for one of the paid editions.

Q. Will BPA work with the mobile versions of Dynamics 365 for all formula types.

A. Yes. All formula types are supported with the mobile versions of Dynamics 365 as we use server-side plugins & HTML Web Resources. Please note that offline mode is not supported for client-side formulas. But server-side formulas will execute as normal when the user re-connects.

Q. What is the product roadmap for North52 BPA?

A. We have an extensive list of features that we want to implement to continue improving the product. The public list is available at here  where you can also vote on the important features that you need.

Q. What is the performance like for North52 BPA?

A. We have put together a video for you to review that indicates the performance characteristics of BPA using Dynamics 365 2011 Online. View the video here, BPA Performance.

Q. Can North52 BPA scale-up & scale-out?

A. Yes. BPA has been built using the standard Dynamics 365 extension points so it scales in the same fashion as Dynamics 365 itself.

Q. What hosting types does North52 BPA support from Dynamics 365 ?

A. BPA runs on Microsoft Dynamics On-Premise, Hosted & Online.

Q. Does the professional edition support multiple development environments?

A. Yes. When you purchase the professional edition you are licensed to deploy BPA  into any of your supporting CRM environments. (e.g. Development, User Acceptance, Test, Production, etc.)