Please provide your ideas for future Business Process Activities product enhancements. The most voted for ideas will become priority items to be implemented into a future product release.

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    Show Formula Dependencies

    Suggested by Scott Thompson New  1 Comments

    It would be great if we could see the dependencies of a formula on the formula page.  This is probably more handy with the Process Genie's but would be nice to see where the formula is used throughout the system.  

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    Add a description/comments/documentation field displayed prominently at the top of a formula

    Suggested by Shawn Lautebach New  1 Comments

    It would be verify useful to have a description/comments/documentation field that is at the top of a formula.  With many formulas that are being worked on by different team members, knowing the goal, reason, description and/or documentation of what the North52 formula is doing would be great to have.

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    Error Handling/Catch Exceptions

    Suggested by Jason McNeil New  1 Comments

    Perhaps this already exists in some form I haven't yet figured out, but it would be great to be able to either wrap a formula with a try/catch (or in Excel syntax an IFERROR function).

    This could allow additional logic to take place if formulas/plugins/workflows throw exceptions, or at minimum present a more user friendly error message than "...there was an error in North 52..."

    Even if it were a separate field on the formula entity such as "Friendly Error Message" or similar. Ideally you could even configure this with multiple languages with the right language error message provided to the user based on their language (similar to how Portals does that fit Titles, etc)

    If I've missed something existing please let me know

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    Allow formulas to trigger on the creation of a Plugin Trace Log

    Suggested by Patrick Griffith New  0 Comments

    I think it would be very helpful to be able to trigger North52 formulas on the creation of a new plugin trace log. Unfortunately Dynamics does not allow workflows to be triggered on this entity.

    I know there's N52 Trace but I would use this more for exceptions being caused by Workflows, plugins and N52 formulas. Not just trace logs from N52 formulas. 


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    Quick Button - Dynamic Labels

    Suggested by Ryan Maclean New  0 Comments

    It would be useful if the Quick Buttons allowed for the use of dynamic label text.

    For example, I have a quick button that is used to request action is taken by another user.  When it is clicked then it would be useful if the button text could be changed from "Request Action" to "Action Requested"

    I know we can disable the button, but from a user experience point of view this doesn't necessarily always make sense.

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    Modal Dialogs/Prompts

    Suggested by Ryan Maclean New  1 Comments

    Would it be possible to add JS based dialog/prompts (similar to those used in the Alert.js library ( that could be triggered by client-side formulas

    This would be useful in situations where you want to display an actionable alert to Users and tie custom actions to the responses

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    Enable text based fuzzy matching

    Suggested by Ryan Maclean New  1 Comments

    It would be great if it was possible to expand on the fuzzy matching capabilities already in the system with the Levenshtein Distance function by introducing additional options, such as:
    • Jaccard Index of SImilarity (used by the Excel Fuzzy Lookup add-in -
    • Soundex or Metaphone algorithm
    This would enable advanced duplicate detection capabilities in the system

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    Allow the ability to show/hide Business Process Flows

    Suggested by Pietro Curini New  0 Comments

    Implement a formula to show and hide BPFs so that they can be hidden for certain users, based on certain data in records or based on the form that is loading. 

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    Disable fields on Business Process Flow

    Suggested by Ryan Maclean New  1 Comments

    It would be great if Disabling a field on the form also disabled the field on the Business Process Flow, similar to how it works with Business Rules