Badges validate that you have committed time to learning how to use North52 solutions. They serve many purposes, including:

  • A visual indication of your competency progress with North52 solutions
  • Verification of competence you can use in your career development
  • Providing an indicator for North52 support to respond to questions appropriately

There are two difference types of badges - Competency Badges and Course Badges

Competency Badge Levels

Competency badges are earned on successful completion of courses at a given level. A competency badge can be downloaded as a PDF certificate.

There are three badge levels that you can obtain for North52 Business Process Activities:

N52 BPA Cadet

N52 BPA Cadet Badge

You are just starting out with North52 BPA and have a good understanding of the different modules available and how to implement a basic formula.

The N52 BPA Cadet badge is awarded after completing two level 100 courses.

N52 BPA Commander

N52 BPA Commander Badge

You understand how to successfully implement North52 BPA for a variety of business rules of varying complexity.

The N52 BPA Commander badge is awarded after completing four level 200 courses.

N52 BPA Mission Controller

N52 BPA Mission Controller Badge

You understand how to implement complex business rules using a wide breadth of North52 BPA functions and can advise a team implementing North52 BPA on best practice.

The N52 BPA Mission Controller badge is awarded after completing four level 300 courses.

Course Badges

Course badges are awarded on completion of a course. They indicate a level of competency for a specific feature. If a course has a badge it will be displayed on the course home page. When you complete a course with a badge it will show alongside other badges you have earned.

Example course badges: