This article outlines the steps needed to successfully deploy a Power Pages site which has North52 rules from a development environment to a test or production target environment using Power Platform Pipelines.

For simplicity this guide will only use a single solution and one pipeline to deploy from a source to a target environment.

The prerequisites are:

  • Source Environment
    • Dataverse with Power Pages site installed
    • North52 installed and North52 Portals functionality deployed
  • Target Environment
    • Dataverse with Power Pages site installed
    • North52 installed (but do not deploy North52 Portals functionality)



Create the Pipeline

To create a Pipeline you need to create a solution on the Source Environment - this can be done within Power Pages or Power Apps maker portals.

Create Solution

  • Navigate to Solutions
  • Click + New Solution 
    • Complete the fields - we named our solution North52 Test Site 1

Add Site

  • Select Objects from the left navigation menu
  • From the top menu select Add Existing > Site and then select your Power Pages site

Add Formulas to Solution

  • Open each Formula associated to a site, go to Register > Deployment Settings and change the Solution Deployment to the solution created above

Create Pipeline

  • Open the solution
  • Select Pipelines from the left navigation menu
  • Click + Create Pipeline
  • Provide a Name and select the Target Environment
  • Click Save


Deployment is straightforward:

  1. Click the Deploy here button and select the options for your deployment.
  2. Once the deployment has completed you will need to perform a Publish All Customizations on the target environment to ensure the North52 formulas are created/updated. There is no need to run the North52 Portal Install process on the target environment.
  3. The first time you deploy the site you will need to reactivate it from the Power Pages maker site home page.

When you need to promote changes from your source environment to the target you simply repeat steps 1 and 2 above.