Finding Required Information for Portal Deployment

When deploying the Portal add-on for North52 there are 5 parameters needed. These can be found via the Portal Management App on your Dynamics instance.

  • Website Name
  • Website Language
  • Website Root Webpage
  • Publishing State
  • Web Role


Find the Web Site name

Open up Websites and it will be listed there:

Note down the Name of the website that you want to install North52 for Dynamics Portals on; in this example it is Community Portal

Find the Website Language

Open the website and you will see the default language listed on the first page:

In this example, we are using English

Find the Root Web Page

You can find the Root web page listed in the Website record, you will need to note this down as well:

In this example the name is Home

Find the Publishing State

Note down the name of the record that is Published - or the local language equivalent

Find the Web Role Name

Note down the name of the record that identifies Authenticated Users:

 In this example the name is Authenticated Users