North52 uses the GET request to pass data into the North52 rules engine running inside your instance of Dataverse. The standard limit on GET requests is around 2000 characters. 

By default North52 Portal logic will adhere to there rules:

  • On an Insert Form
    • North52 will attempt to pass every field and values in them, including blank fields, to the rules engine
  • On an Edit Form
    • North52 will pass along every dirty (changed) field and the values in them, including blank fields, to the rules engine

If the amount of data being passed along is too large then this can cause some difficulties. This can arise in a number of ways:

  • A single large text area field
  • Lots of string fields with text in them

When this happens you will see an error message like the following:


It is possible in North52 to configure how much data is to be passed for text fields and text area fields. This is done via a separate content snippet that is manually added to the form.

By default, North52 will pass a maximum of 25 chars for each text and text area field.
Significantly lowering these values will allow you to save space on the GET request, while also allowing you validate that the fields contain data etc.

Create a Content Snippet

For the portal website, create a new content snippet with the name North52/PortalConfiguration
Populate it with the following value:

{% raw %}
  var N52Configuration = {
    "NoCharsToPassForTextAreaFields": 10, 
    "NoCharsToPassForTextFields": 10
{% endraw %}


This will set the max number of characters, from these types of fields, that is passed in the GET request during rule execution to 10.

There will then be 2 North52 content snippets for that website


Add Content Snippet to Form

Once the content snippet has been created, you need to manually add it to the Custom JavaScript section on the form.

It should be put above the /*N52-Start*/ tag, as everything inside those N52-Start and N52-End tags is deleted and recreated when a new formula is added to a form, when a formula is deleted, or a trigger field is changed etc. 

{{ snippets["North52/PortalConfiguration"]}}