This knowledge base article relates to if you see the following error message when Publishing North52 formulas.

System.InvalidOperationException: Message size exceeded when attempting to send response to sandbox. Message Size 123 Mb.


Typically you would see this in the North52 workflow named 'N52 Publish All' under the System Jobs entity.


Process Steps

If you do receive this error message then please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  • Ensure you are on North52 version or higher
  • Open the North52 App on your Dynamics 365 instance
  • Open the North52 Configuration record
  • Click on the System Settings tab
  • Set the field called Publish Settings to the following value EnableLiteRetrieve
  • Click Save
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Re-run the North52 Publish process
  • Look under the System Jobs entity and verify the error message no longer exists


As this setting change is made on the North52 Configuration record you need to make the change listed below on all environments where this issue could occur.