North52 uses Microsoft page validation in order to ensure that required fields are filled out on Portal Basic and Multi-Step forms.
Microsoft adds page validation to a form on the portal for a variety of different reasons.

  • If a text field is present on the form
  • If a whole number field is present on the form
  • If a field is marked as required on the form by field metadata
  • If a field is required in the database

If you are using North52 to make field required on a Portal form then you must ensure that Microsoft page validation is present.

The solution to this issue would be to add an existing text field to the form
  1. such as the primary name field on the record (e.g name for accounts)
  2. use a North52 Formula to hide that field on the OnLoad event.
This will automatically add Microsoft's page validation, and then you can use North52 formulas to make other fields required / not required as necessary.