In the Quick Tiles solution v9.26+ you are able to define your own templates to produce some visually stunning effects for Model Driven Apps and Portal Forms.

The combination of Decision Tables and custom templates enable rules based dynamic interfaces to enhance the user experience.

There are three parts to achieving these user interface effects:

  1. Template stored in an xCache record - this is defined using HTML and the Handlebars notation
  2. Decision Table which determines the data to be merged with the template
  3. Quick Tile web resource to be placed on the Model Driven Form, or placeholder <div> for portals

Below are sample layouts that you can easily achieve. 

See the Configure Quick Tiles with Custom Templates article to learn how to create your own custom template or review the Sample Templates article to use the samples shown below in your projects.

Progress Steps

Progress Steps with Message



Notification Badges

Custom Tables

Custom Columns