This article will walk you through how the North52 Publish Process works it is one step in the Deployment process.. It will describe how your North52 Formula, Scheduler, xCache and Scheduler  records ( aka North52 artefacts) are moved from one Dynamics 365 instance to another. For example this could be when you are moving between a development and test instance. 


1. Create\Edit & Execution Process 

  • North52 artefacts get created \ updated as records inside dataverse tables
  • Each time a North52 artefact gets created \ updated a coressponding Web-Resource gets created \ updated
  • These are placed in-side a solution that can be deployed as managed or un-managed


2. Deployment Process

North52 uses the out of the box feature from Microsoft called Solutions to move the artefacts from one instance to another. As you can see from the screenshot below all the North52 artefacts are stored in a solution as web-resources which allows you to use managed & un-managed solutions to move North52 artefacts  between systems.



3. Publish Process

  • Open and select the target Dynamics 365 instance
  • Click the Import button to import the solution
  • Follow the steps provided by the wizard
  • Click the Publish All Customizations button so that the Formula, Scheduler and xCache  records get created
  • The process to create the North52 records runs in the background as a workflow named N52 Publish All 
    • You can monitor this under System Jobs