The North52 Decision Suite is a powerful business rules engine for Dynamics 365. In the video below we will demonstrate a scenario where the business logic spans across 5 related entities each containing 500 fields to showcase the power and performance of the North52 solution.

Each entity has 100 text fields, 100 decimal fields, 100 money fields, 100 whole number fields and 100 boolean fields. There is a 'parent' record with 4 associated child record and there are 1000 records in each entity with all fields containing data providing a total dataset of over 2.5 million data points. Our example is assuming a 1 to 1 relationship between the parent and child entities.

The video will show a North52 Formula which is configured to trigger on the update of the North52 Message field on the parent entity called "Transactions". The Formula will load all of the fields from each of the related entities (approximately 2500 data points) and use the data to perform calculations and then write back to the parent entity.