All browsers have a URL limit of about 2050 characters for their length which is being exceeded within a Client-side Formula when you receive this error message. Client-side Formulas make a REST API call to perform their calculation/action so this means we need to pass any changed data values on the form as part of the REST API call. So this error message can occur when:

  1. When you have a large description field (2000 characters+) where the user enters in lots of data and then when the Formula triggers the data in this field exceeds the URL length limit.
  2. When you create one CRM record from another and a significant number of fields (around 40+) have default values so that the combined total exceeds the URL length limit.

In order to work around this limit you need to identify the client-side formula causing the issue. You then need to do the following:

Steps to resolve issue:

  • Open the Formula with the issue
  • Under the Register tab, expand Advanced Settings
  • For Clientside Use Get or Post, select Post
  • Click Save
  • On the ribbon, select N52 Commands > Publish Formula
  • Retest

Did you know?

You can create customized buttons to trigger complex business rules

North52's Decision Suite has functionality that we call Quick Buttons that allows you to place buttons on a form which when clicked will trigger a North52 Formula.  The business rule logic could be as simple as triggering a workflow or a much more complex process which involves many actions - the full power of the North52 business rules engine for Dynamics 365 can be used. 

The button's themselves can be subject to business rules, that show/hide, activate/deactivate or and/or change labels. This is configured using Decision Tables allowing complex decision logic to drive the button options that are presented to users.

Learn more about Quick Buttons