This troubleshooting article can be used if you see the following error message in any of your trace log files: 

Message: Invalid CheckSum was detected within North52 BPA for the Formula 


The North52 resolution works like this:

  • When the error message appears download the trace file
  • Look inside the trace file and it will tell you the following:
    • Current Checksum value
    • Expected Checksum value
    • Formula Short-Code
  • Next navigate to Settings>Formulas
  • Type in the Formula Short-Code into the Quick Find and click the search icon
  • Open the Formula that appears in the list view
  • Scroll down the screen until you see a field named Checksum
  • Copy in the Expected Checksum value into the field
  • Click Save

Please note that you may need to repeat the steps above for each Formula that you have in your Dynamics system. When all Formulas have had their checksums updated the error will be resolved.