This article will show you how to import and execute a formula that will search for any North52 Formula which have missing SDK messsage processing steps. The formula creates an Email with the results of the search. 

It is rare that a SDK messsage processing step would be missing for a North52 Formula but we have seen cases of bugs/issues in Microsoft releases which can result in them being removed. 

The types of formulas this report will find - Auto Number, Save to Current Record, Save - Perform Action, Validation

The screenshot below shows you the location of all the SDK message processing steps in your instance.

Import Solution

  • Download the zipped file at the bottom of this article under Related Attachments
  • Navigate to Settings > Solution 
  • Click Import
  • Select the file you just downloaded
  • Click Next
  • Click Next again then Import
  • Wait for the import to complete and then select Publish All Customizations

Execute System Report

  • Navigate to Settings > N52 Formula
  • Open the Formula called System Report - SDK message processing steps
  • Click the lightning bolt button in the right hand side of the formula editor
  • Click Execute

Check Report

To view and check the report:

  • Open up an advanced find
  • Search for Email Messages with the subject N52 SDK Message Processing Step Discrepancy
  • Open up the email record, you will see the results of the report in the email

Uninstall Solution

  • Navigate to Settings > Solution 
  • Select the imported solution
  • Click Delete
  • Click OK and follow any instructions