Next you will need to select Replace Existing, set the Restore Type to Replace Disk(s) and select a storage account to be used as a staging location.


When these are selected, click on the Restore button at the bottom of the blade.

You can monitor the status of the restore in the Backup Jobs in the vault.

Restore VM to a new machine (Clone)

Open the backup item in the Recovery Services Vault and click on the Restore VM button

You will be asked to select which restore point you want to use:

In this case I have only 1 restore point for the CRM2013Build to select from.

Select Create New to specify that you want to create a new machine.

Name your virtual machine, select the Resource Group you want to restore it to and select a Staging Location again.

You will need to specify a unique name for the VM in that resource group or else you will get an error.

You can view the status of the creation of  the new machine in Backup jobs in the recovery services vault.