The Tester allows users to quickly execute and test a Formula from within the Formula editor. 

This can be used in conjunction with Classic Formulas or Decision Tables, however, in this article we focus on its use in Decision Tables. 

For this article it is assumed that you have at least basic familiarity with Decision Tables and/or have read the following articles:

Note: We will not detail step-by-step instructions here on how to set up Conditions or Actions, please read the above articles if you need detailed configuration steps.

How to use the Tester

You can locate the Tester in the top right corner of the editor as shown below:

Note that the Formula must be saved before the Tester can be executed.

The Tester will request any references to data it needs and execute the Formula using the values supplied: (Note: some formulas require the unique ID of the record. You can typically find this in the URL of the record or by using a browser extension)

A successful execution will return result message, in this case NoOp (which means No Operation):

If there is an error in the formula, a trace log will show up like in the image below.  For this example an IF statement without any parameters was entered to purposefully break it: