The Validator allows you to run a basic and an advanced syntax check on your Formula. It will scan and highlight errors in the Formula structure. 

This can be used in conjunction with Classic or Decision Tables - in this article we will focus on its use in Decision Tables

For this article it is assumed that you have at least basic familiarity with Decision Tables and/or have read the following articles:

Note: We will not detail step-by-step instructions here on how to set up Conditions or Actions, please read the above articles if you need detailed configuration steps.


You can locate the Validator on the top right of the editor command bar as shown below:

For the Validator to work, changes must be saved before selecting it:

This includes the Advanced Editor as well - it must be collapsed and saved before a syntax check can be performed:

An example of an Error shown by the Validator:

We can see the error highlighted by toggling the editor to classic mode: