The Global FetchXml sheet is displayed when using the Decision Tables Advanced Mode. It allows the user to quickly add and edit Fetch XML queries to be referenced by specific functions (e.g. FindValueFD) with the Decision Table sheets. 

For this article it is assumed that you have at least basic familiarity with Decision Tables and/or have read the following articles:

Note: We will not detail step-by-step instructions here on how to set up Conditions or Actions, please read the above articles if you need detailed configuration steps.

Where to find Global FetchXml 

To show the Global FetchXml sheet, open a Decision Table, right-click and select Operations > Toggle Advanced Mode

You will then see the Global FetchXml sheet (along with other Advance Mode sheets like Global Calculation

How to setup Global Fetch XML

  • In a cell in column A, give the Fetch XML a name
  • Then expand the advanced editor for the corresponding cell in column B
  • Enter the Fetch XML - this example is a query to pull back all active cases (if required you can parameterize the Fetch XML query using {0}, {1}...{n} placeholders)
  • Collapse the Advanced Editor and click Save
  • Go to the Source tab and select the refresh icon
  • Go to the Fetch XML tab, you will see your new Fetch XML
  • Now you will be able to reference this Fetch XML


Below is an example showing how you can reference the Fetch XML you specify on the Global Fetch XML sheet. The scenario shows how we can loop over the records returned by the Fetch XML query and update the records using a Decision Table).