In this scenario, we want to send a follow up email using a workflow setting the To field using an address we get from the email's related Account

Out of the box this is not possible, however, we can do this using North52's native functions. 

Note: We could in theory remove the workflow and do everything in the formula. However in the real world, its more likely that this requirement will be part of a  process that uses workflows. 

North52 Decision Suite

The North52 Decision Suite solution works like this:

  • Formula is set up on the Email entity
    • It will update the To field with the value from the related Account email address 3 field 
  • A Workflow is created that has two steps:
    1. Create the email
    2. Use North52s Process Genie to call the formula 

Set up Workflow and Formula


  • Create a new formula, setting the following values in the Formula Guide:
    • Source Entity set to Email
    • Set Formula Type to Process Genie
    • Select the Classic editor
  • Change the Name of the formula to Set To field to the Accounts Email Address 3
  • Copy and paste the following formula into the main editors canvas:


    SetVar('ActivityPartyEC', CreateEC()),

    AddEntityToEC(GetVar('ActivityPartyEC'), CreateEntity('activityparty', SetAttribute('addressused', [email.regardingobjectid.emailaddress3.?]))),

    SetVar('EmailNative',CreateEntity('email', SetAttribute('activityid', [email.activityid])) ),

    SetAttributeNative('to', GetVar('ActivityPartyEC'))),



  • Click Save
    • Take note of the Formula Short Code in the top right hand corner of the form


  • Navigate to Settings > Processes 
  • Click the New icon
    • Enter Create Email and set the To field as the process name
    • Select Workflow for the Category
    • Select Account for the Entity 
    • Select OK
    • Check As an on-demand process
    • Uncheck Record is created
    • Select Add Step >  Create Record
      • For the description type Create Email
      • Select View Properties 
        • Give it a Subject and a Description and check that the Regarding is set to the Account
      • Click Save and Close
    • Select Add Step > North52 > N52 Process Genie
    • Select View Properties 
      • For Formula ShortCode , enter the Short Code copied from the formula
      • For Primary Entity ID , select Operator > Look for and find Local Values >  Create Email
        • Just under this lookup field, find and select Record URL (Dynamic) 
      • Select Add and then OK
      • Click Save and Close


To test this scenario, open an Account. Make sure it has an email address in the email address 3 field and run the workflow. You can see the workflow running Settings > System Jobs

Did you know?

xCache helps you manage environment specific configuration

North52's Decision Suite component xCache allows you to set up environment specific data to allow you to use different values for different instances. Your advanced business rules logic could be the same, however you need to use specific reference values for a particular instance.

For example, credentials for a web service used in your Formula - you will likely use different keys/URLs for your Dev, Test and Production instances. Store these in xCache and let the North52 business rules engine apply the correct ones at runtime! 

Learn more and see examples of xCache