In this scenario we will demonstrate how to delete a North52 formula that has been deployed to an environment via a managed solution. 

Our Production environment contains two formulas. In this example, Formula 2 is no longer required.

These formula were deployed via the managed solution called Demo Solution:

As shown in the above screenshot, it's not possible to simply delete components from a manage solution, so we need to return to the Development environment and make the change there.

Development Environment

  • Open Settings > Solutions in the development environment and select the solution. Click on Clone Solution
  • Enter the new version number / name as desired and click Save
  • In the solution list, the version number will be changed to and the description will be updated to Upgrade of [solution name]
  • Open the formula you want to delete in Settings -> N52 Formulas and then delete it
  • The web resource for Formula 2 has been deleted from our solution
  • Export the solution again from the development environment as a managed solution

Production Environment

  • Import the managed solution into the Production environment
  • Tick the box for Stage for upgrade
  • When the import is completed click on the Apply Solution Upgrade button
  • When you open the solution in Production now you will see the web resource for Formula 2 has been deleted
  • The last step required is to open Settings > N52 Formulas in Production and delete Formula 2, at which point it will be completely removed from the Production environment