In this scenario we will demonstrate how to delete a North52 Formula that has been deployed to an environment via a managed solution. 



  • Delete the formula from your source environment
  • Export a Managed Solution from the source environment
  • Delete the formula in your target environment
  • Import the managed solution into the target environment 


Steps with Screenshots

Our Production environment contains two formulas. In this example, Demo Formula 1 is no longer required.

These formula were deployed via the managed solution called Test Managed Solution:

As shown in the above screenshot, it's not possible to simply delete components from a manage solution, so we need to return to the Development environment and make the change there.

Development Environment

In the source environment delete the North52 Formula as normal

The web resource for Demo Formula 1 has been deleted from our solution

  • Export the solution again from the development environment as a managed solution

Production Environment

  • Delete the Demo Formula 1 from the North52 App
  • Open and select Solutions
  • Import the updated solution

  • When the import finishes, wait approximately 1 minute and then refresh the list of the solutions
    • The old managed solution will be replaced by the new managed solution
  • When you open the solution in Production now you will see the web resource for Formula 1 has been deleted
  • The Formula has now been completely removed from the Production environment