This article will detail the steps to remove the North52 SMS App solution. As this solution is intended as a demo only, it is unmanaged and there needs to be deleted using the following steps.

Delete Formula & xCache Records

Navigate to Settings -> N52 Formulas. Use the quick search, look for any formulas with *sms* and delete these

Then navigate to Settings -> N52 xCache

Again search for any xCache records related to *sms* and delete them

North52 SMS Solution

Navigate to Settings -> Solutions and open the North52 SMS App.

Select all the formula and xCache web resources in the solution, then click on delete

Go to Processes and deactivate the process. When the deactivation is completed. then delete it

Go back to the Components list - delete the SMS entity

Next delete the 2 icons

Finally delete the solution and the North52 SMS App will have been fully removed from your system.