TestShield can write Test Results directly to Azure DevOps Test Run records. Follow the instructions in this article to set up the integration between TestShield and Azure DevOps.

Configure Azure DevOps

We need to obtain a Personal Access Token from Azure DevOps to enable TestShield to write data into Azure DevOps. 

  • Sign into Azure DevOps: (note this article assumes you have Azure DevOps already set up with a Project - you can set up one for free by visiting this same URL)
  • From the top right corner, click on the person icon and select Personal Access Tokens
  • Click on New Token
    • Enter North52 TestShield for the Name
    • Select the Organization you would like to set up the integration on
    • Set the Expiration date to your desired timeframe
    • Under Scopes select Custom defined
    • Scroll down the Scopes to the Test Management section 
      • Select Read & Write
    • Click Create
    • On the Success form, copy the Access Token to your clipboard/Notepad 
    • Click Close

Configure TestShield

  • Open the North52 Decision Suite app
  • From the home page click the North52 Configuration button
  • On the System Settings tab, select Create TS xCache Records from the Command pick list
  • In Command Parameter field enter your instance and project name in the following format:
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Business Process Activities > xCache
    • You will see five N52DevOps xCache records have been created
  • Open the N52DevOps_Personal_Access_Token record
  • In the Value (Secured) field enter the Personal Access Token you created above
  • Click Save

North52 TestShield and Azure DevOps are now configured to send Test Results to Azure DevOps.

Test the integration

Only Tests executed via the Test Runner will have their results pushed to Azure DevOps. 

  • Start a Test Runner 
  • Wait for the Tests to complete
  • Go to Azure DevOps, open your project then select Test Plans > Runs
  • The Test Run relating to your Test Runner execution should be shown
  • Double-click on the Test Run to view the detail

North52 TestShield Azure DevOps Extension

You can install a North52 TestShield extension on Azure DevOps which provides a Test Results Viewer and functionality for executing Tests as part of DevOps Pipelines.

Learn more about the Azure DevOps extension.