This article describes the interface for a Test Result record. Test Results records record the details of the Test execution and are stored as Dynamics records. Test Result records are for reporting purposes only and do not need to be edited.

Test Result tab


The related Test record which defines what should happen for the test.

Pass Count

The number of asserts that passed for this test execution.

Fail Count

The number of asserts that failed for this test execution.

Test Runner

The associated Test Runner record if the test was executed as part of a Test Runner run.

Test Run Identifier

Unique identifier to group multiple Test Results together. If integration with Azure Devops is set up the Test Run Identifier corresponds to the Run Id in Azure Devops.


Automatically generated name for the Test Result record.  It is the name of the associated Test.

JSON Test Results

JSON document of the Test Results - used internally.

Test Trace tab

Displays the test trace output. This is useful for understand exactly what was processed to achieve the test and results.

System Settings tab

This section contains fields that are used by the system and generally do not need to be observed.