Scenario Overview

In many scenarios you may have a North52 formula that you want to reuse across different workflows and entities. This example we will show you how to create a North52 Process Genie that can be used in multiple workflow \ actions running on different entity types.

The example we have is a formula which returns a date in a specific format.

North52 BPA Solution

The North52 Decision Suite solution works like this:

  • We create a formula of type Process Genie on the N52 Command entity
  • We create a workflow which has a step to call the formula
  • This formula when triggered will return the current date in long form: eg. 15 March 2019

Set up Formula and Process Genie


  • Create a new formula, setting the following values in the Formula Guide:
    • Source Entity set to N52 Command
    • Set Formula Type to Process Genie
    • Select the Classic editor
  • Change the Name of the formula to Get Today's Date - Long Form
  • Set the Display Format to String 
  • Add the following formula to the editor canvas:
    ToString(GetDateOnly(LocalDate()), 'dd MMMM yyyy')
  • Click Save
  • Make a note of the Short Code generated for the formula

Add the Process Genie to a Workflow

For this example we will create a new workflow on the Account that will update the description field with the date.

  • Open Settings -> Processes 
  • Create a new workflow
  • In the workflow click the Add Step button and select North52 -> N52 Process Genie 
    • Name the step Date Description
    • Click on the Set Properties Button
    • Enter the ShortCode of the formula you created earlier
      • In Primary Entity ID field enter the following: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000  (A blank Guid)
        • Running the process genie on the N52 Command entity with a Blank Guid allows this Process Genie to be called in any workflow.
      • Save and Close the Input Properties window
  • Click on Add Step again and select Update Record
    • Click on Set Properties button for the Update Record step
    • In the Form Assistant (right side of screen), change the drop-down to Date Description (name of the North52 Process Genie step)
    • Change the sub drop-down to Result String and click Add, then click the OK button. This will add {Result String(Date Description)} to the Description field


Open an Account record and run the workflow against it - when you refresh the Account the date will be populated in the Description field:

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