To help you quickly create Data Packages for specific configuration data scenarios we have provided some Data Package Templates. To install the templates which you can then easily clone:

  • Download the Data Packager Templates solution file from the related attachments below
  • Import it into your instance
  • Click on Publish All Customizations and wait for the North52 Publish All workflow to complete (monitor progress from Settings > System > System Jobs)
  • Open the desired Data Package template from Settings > North52 BPA > N52 Data Package
  • Select Commands > Clone from the Data Package editor navigation bar
  • Go to Settings > North52 BPA > N52 Data Package
  • Open the cloned Data Package rename it and associate it to another unmanaged solution and save before adding data to the Data Package

The Data Packager Template currently consists of the follow Data Package Templates:

  • Data Package Template - Custom Portal v1
  • Data Package Template - Unified Service Desk v1

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