In this business scenario we are required to change the Call To field in a Phonecall entity depending on what is entered into the Description field.

This is a generic example to highlight the functionality of North52 BPA and its ability to set Partylists easily.

North52 Decision Suite

The North52 Decision Suite solution works like this:

  • A formula is created that will trigger whenever the Description field is updated in a Phonecall
  • When triggered, the formula will check the Description field for its value:
    • If the Description field has been set to EntitySingle, the Call To field will be set to a Contact
    • If the Description field has been set to EntityMulti, the Call To field will be set to a Contact and an Account

Setup Decision Table

  • Navigate to Settings > N52 Formula
  • Create a new formula, setting the following values in the Formula Guide:
    • Source Entity set to PhoneCall
    • Set Formula Type to Save - Perform Action
    • Select the Decision Table editor
  • Change the Name of the formula to Partylist Example
  • Expand the Source & Target
    • For Source Property select Description
  • In the Decision Table editor 
    • Select cell A2
      • Go to the Source tab
      • Expand Source and find and select Description
    • Select cell A4
      • Type 'EntitySingle'
    • Select Cell A5
      • Type 'EntityMulti'
    • Select cell B2
      • Go to the Source tab
      • Find and select Call To 
    • Select cell B4 and enter the following:
      • SetAttribute('contact', 'B4E4E059-C997-E711-8120-70106FA6C8B1', 'B8E4E059-C997-E711-8120-70106FA6C8B1')
        • Note : you will need to replace the guid above with the guid of the Contact you wish to set. 
    • Select cell B5 and enter the following (note the addition of the entity schema name and caret ^ character): 
      • SetAttribute('#', 'account^174E77B4-C797-E711-8113-E0071B6E9421', 'contact^B8E4E059-C997-E711-8120-70106FA6C8B1')
      • Note: you will need to replace the guids above with the guids of the Account and Contact records you wish to set  
  • Click Save


  • Change the Description to either 'EntitySingle' or 'EntityMulti' on an PhoneCall record and you will see that the Call To field has been updated to the Contact or the Account and Contact respectively
  • EntitySingle:

  • EntityMulti

Did you know?

North52 helps Insurance Providers manage complex rules in their Dynamics 365 systems

The North52 Decision Suite helps insurance professionals manage the thousands of rules that form insurance approval, rate and commission calculations. Our easy to use, point and click interface allows for quick updating of rules by knowledgeable insurance analysts without programming experience. We assist in processes such as:

  • Task checklists
  • Quote calculations
  • Product configuration
  • Pricing
  • Commissions
  • Claims handling

Learn more about the North52 Decision Suite