Updates a record if the record exists. If it doesn't exist, it will create the record instead. Searches for the record using its primary name.

Enter the schema name of the entity and then the primary name of the record that you want to update/create. If a record with that primary name doesn't exist, the record will be created and the ID of the new record is returned. 

If a record with that primary name already exists, the record will be updated and NoOp will be returned.  Following the primaryname parameter enter the attributes you want to set.


UpdateCreateRecordByName('entityname', 'primaryname', SetAttribute('attributename', 'attributevalue' ))


tya Nadella',
SetAttribute('creditlimit', '5000000'),
SetAttribute('description', '?'),
SetAttributeCustomer('parentcustomerid', 'account', '450dd379c-ee2f-11db-8314-0800200c777', 'Microsoft'),
SetAttributeLookup('preferredsystemuserid', 'systemuser', '670dd379c-ee2f-11db-8314-0800200c888')) 

Note 1: Fields of type lookup need SetAttributeLookup('fieldname', 'entityname', 'recordguid') 
Note 2: Fields of type PartyList need SetAttributePartyList('fieldname', 'entityname', 'partyguid' , 'partyguid')


Name Type Description Required
fromdate xxxx xxxx xxxx
todate xxxx xxxx xxxx
interval xxxx xxxx xxxx