In this scenario, we want to make sure that any Opportunity that is associated with a disabled User gets flagged so that it can be reassigned.

We want to show a notification when an Opportunity is opened and the Opportunity's parent Account is owned by a disabled User

North52 Decision Suite

The North52 Decision Suite solution works like this:

  • A formula is created that will trigger whenever a Opportunity record is opened
  • The formula will check to see which User owns the parent Account of the Opportunity
  • If the User is disable/inactive, the formula will set a form notification on the Opportunity to let users know it needs attention

Setup Formula

  • Navigate to Settings > N52 Formula
  • Create a new formula, setting the following values in the Formula Guide:
    • Source Entity set to Opportunity
    • Set Formula Type to Clientside - Perform Action
    • Set Event to Create & Update
    • Select the Classic Editor
  • Change the Name of the formula to Check if Parent Accounts Owner is Active
  • Expand Source & Target 
  • In Source Property select OnLoad for the form that needs to show the notification
    • Note if you see a message about duplicate form names, you will need to rename the forms until they are all unique. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System
  • On the Classic Editor, copy and paste the following formula: 
    iftrue(FindValue('systemuser','systemuserid',[opportunity.parentaccountid.ownerid.?],'isdisabled','?','true')=  1, 
            SetFormNotification('Customer Account is inactive, please change to an Active account','WARNING')
  • Click Save


To test the formula:

  • Open up an Opportunity using the form you selected under Source Property above:

  • Go to its parent Account by clicking the lookup field and from there, you can see the Owners lookup field like below:

  • Disable this User and then go back and refresh the Opportunity form. You will see the form notification like below:

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