The Quick Button Unified Interface allows you to fully customize the appearance of your buttons. 

Note: instructions on how to configure a Quick Button Unified Interface can be found here. It is presumed you have a working Quick Button for this article. 

To make the changes we change the CSSClass UI Property highlighted in the screenshot below:

The supported options are below. These are based on the Bootstrap 3 framework:

Style: Colors

The options for the predefined colors are:

Primary (Blue)

CSSClass: 'btn btn-primary'

Success (Green)

CSSClass: 'btn btn-success'

Info (Light Blue)

CSSClass: 'btn btn-info'

Warning (Orange)

CSSClass: 'btn btn-warning'

Danger (Red)

CSSClass: 'btn btn-danger'

Style: Sizes 

The options for the predefined sizes are:


CSSClass: 'btn btn-lg'


CSSClass: 'btn btn-sm'


CSSClass: 'btn btn-xs'

Multiple CSS Class Parameters 

You can create combinations of these parameters by simply combining them. A large red button would be 'btn btn-lg btn-danger'

Custom Styles

You can override the predefined classes by adding custom CSS to the CSSStyle UI Property. This provides you with full control over the appearance of your buttons.