North52 Business Process Activities provides the ability to easily configure and execute business rules on Dynamics Portals Entity Forms.

We make it very easy for you to configure simple or complex logic that changes the behaviour of the form such as:

  • Show/hide fields
  • Show/hide sections
  • Set fields required/not required
  • Show/hide notifications
  • Set field values

North52 Quick Buttons can be used to trigger North52 formulas and have the result sent back to the Entity Form - read this article for more details

North52 Quick Tiles can also be displayed on Entity Forms. 

Moving your North52 BPA business rules for Dynamics Portals follows the same simple procedure for other North52 business rules: export the solution containing the Formulas, import the solution on the target system and Publishing All Customizations.

The concepts and functionality are detailed in the video below:

North52 BPA for Dynamics Portals is an add-on capability for North52 BPA and requires an additional license - please contact if you would like to request a trial key or purchase. 

ServerSide functions for Dynamics Portal

All ServerSide functions (i.e. anything not ClientSide ) are supported for Dynamics Portal

Clientside functions supported for Dynamics Portal

Below is a list of the ClientSide functions that are currently supported with Dynamics Portals. This list will continue to expand as functionality is added.