In this article we will demonstrate how to remove North52 BPA for Dynamics Portals from your portal instance.


  • It is assumed that you have already installed North52 BPA with a valid licence key in your Dynamics 365 environment
  • It is assumed that you configured and installed the Portal add-on for Dynamics 365
  • It is assumed you have installed North52 BPA for Dynamics Portals

Pre-uninstall steps

In advance of uninstalling North52 from your portal instance, please make sure to unbind any North52 formulas from any entity forms.

You can do this in any of the following ways:

  • Delete the formulas
  • Deactivate the formulas
  • Change the selected fields/forms to non Portal forms

Uninstall North52 BPA for Dynamics Portals

The uninstall command takes 2 parameters to begin the uninstall process
  1. The name of the Portal Site North52 is installed on
  2. The language you are using on the portal site
These parameters separated by the pipe symbol will be the command string needed for the uninstall.

Example Command Parameter

The following example is for a Customer Self-Service portal site with English as the language:

Customer Self-Service|English

Steps to Uninstall

  • Open the North52 Configuration record from Settings > N52 Configuration
  • Expand the System Settings section
  • Set the Command to Portal Uninstall  
  • Type the command string into the Command Parameter field
  • Click Save

North52 BPA for Dynamics Portals will be uninstalled from your Dynamics 365 environment.

It can take around 60 seconds for the uninstall process to complete.