Bulk Delete System Jobs

When you install North52 BPA several bulk delete jobs are installed into the CRM organization. These bulk delete jobs perform house-keeping operations on some of the North52 entities. The house-keeping involves deleting records from the following North52 entities,

  • North52 Command
  • North52 Trace
  • North52 Formula Calculation

These entities contain temporary data such as trace information which we clean up using the bulk delete jobs on a daily basis.  These system jobs will not affect any other operations within Dynamics 365. The names of the system jobs are listed below & you can see there daily operation under the 'System Jobs' section of Dynamics 365.

  • North52 Command Bulk Delete
  • North52 Trace Bulk Delete
  • North52 Formula Calculation Bulk Delete

Un-Install Procedure

  • Navigate to Settings -> Data Management -> Bulk Record Deletion
  • Change the view to 'Recurring Bulk Deletion System Jobs'
  • Select all the North52 related jobs & then under the 'More Actions' menu click cancel