If you need to uninstall North52 BPA you can follow these set of steps to do so.

Manual Un-Install

  • Delete all formulas (both active & non-active) within the system.
  • Delete all schedules (both active & non-active) within the system.
  • Delete any workflows, actions or dialogs which contain a reference to the North52 Process Genie custom workflow activity step
  • Remove the North52 Quick Ribbon solution
  • Remove any North52 WebResources from forms you may have placed them on & perform a Publish All.
  • Modify the sitemap to remove the reference to the North52 group element under Settings
  • Remove the installed Bulk Record Deletion Jobs.
    • Navigate to Settings -> Data Management -> Bulk Record Deletion
    • Change the view to 'Recurring Bulk Deletion System Jobs'
    • Select all the North52 related jobs & then under the 'More Actions' menu click cancel
  • Remove the installed Data Maps.
    • Navigate to Settings -> Data Management -> Data Maps
    • Select all North52 related data maps & click the delete button
  • Remove the solution.
    • Navigate to Settings -> Solutions 
    • Select the solution 'North52FormulaManager' & click the delete button

Additional Steps

If for some reason you still cannot delete the solution you 

  • Navigate to Settings -> Customizations
  • Click on Plug-In Assemblies
  • Next click on the node North52.FormulaManager
  • Select the record with the name 'N52 Process Genie'
  • Click the menu option 'Show Dependencies'
  • Remove any of the dependencies that it shows