After you install North52 Decision Suite you will need to accept the license agreement before you can create and use North52 functionality. The following steps will walk you through this process (for Dynamics v8 see the instructions further down this page).

Accept the license agreement - Unified Interface

  • Open the North52 App that was installed when the North52 Decision Suite was imported
  • Click the Accept License Agreement button
  • A North52 configuration record will be created as well as unmanaged solutions which are used as the default containers for Formulas, Schedules, xCache, Tests and Data Packages 
  • The North52 App start page will refresh and display buttons to open the Configuration record

Button to accept License Agreement:

After clicking the License Agreement button:


Accept the license agreement - Dynamics v8

  • Navigate to the list of solutions within your Microsoft Dynamics deployment
  • When the list appears double click on North52 Business Process Activities
  • Next click on the left hand navigation link named Configuration
  • Click the Accept license Agreement button to accept the license
  • The process may take around 10 seconds to create the North52 configuration record