Step 1: Install and Accept License

The North52 BPA solution can be downloaded from the following location: 

The installation and configuration process is currently documented via the training video below:

Step 2: Configure Security Roles

As part of the installation two security roles are created within your Dynamics 365 system:

  • North52 BPA - Administrator
  • North52 BPA - Standard
These security roles allow users to use forumlas within the system. As a requirement ALL users of the system should have at least one of these roles assigned.

North52 BPA - Administrator

This security role is to be assigned to any users of the system that need to perform create/update/delete operations on formulas within the system.

North52 BPA - Standard

This is the standard security role which allows users to read formula data and therefore execute formulas when an action is carried out. This security role should be assigned to all users of the system that do not have the North52 BPA - Administrator role.

Note: When a user has the System Administrator role within Dynamics 365 then there is no requirement to assign one of the North52 BPA roles.