When you are upgrading from a version prior to  you may need to perform additional steps over the standard solution import. 

CreateRecord() & UpdateRecord()

The setting of dates has changed in release for the CreateRecord() and UpdateRecord() functions. In previous versions these functions used to set a datetime field with the local timezone. This has now been changed so that it now uses UTC timezone.

This makes several things easier to do like,

  • Reduces the need to use UtcTimeFromLocalTime() or LocalTimeFromUtcTime() functions.
  • Improves consistency, in using  UTC datetimes

Steps to take,

  • Review all formulas using either the CreateRecord() or UpdateRecord() functions where a date field is being set.
  • If using UtcTimeFromLocalTime() or LocalTimeFromUtcTime() in most cases you can just remove.
  • For other formulas determine if this change from a local datetime to UTC datetime would affect the business logic

Note 1 : 

As always perform testing to ensure this change does not affect your business requirements in an adverse manner.

Note 2 : 

Handling and Setting Dates

Note 3 : 

If you have any formulas using the LocalTimeFromUtcTime() function please test to ensure the desired outcome.

If you run into any difficulties please contact for further assistance.