The following article provides more details around 2 bug fixes that are included in this release. The intent of this article is to provide details so you can assess if the fixes are relevant to your CRM system. 

Issue 1

Fixed bug for AutoNumber formulas where the formula executes (it should not have) when a user Assigns the record to another user for these entities Account, Contact, Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice. If this was to occur then 2 AutoNumbers would have been used on this record. 

This issue only occurs if you have installed version

We recommend that people review any AutoNumber formulas placed on these entities Account, Contact, Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice to see if it has executed a second time due to the Assign message & fix any data issues. 

Issue 2

Fixed issue for AutoNumber formulas on the create of Opportunity records where if the CRM platform sets the 'Pricing Error' field after the initial create (i.e 2 Microsoft fires 2 create messages) the AutoNumber formula will fire a second time. 

This issue only occurs if you have installed version,,

We recommend that people review any AutoNumber formulas placed on the Opportunity entity with these versions installed,, to look for where the AutoNumber was executed twice for the create event & fix any data issues.

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