When you are upgrading from a version prior to  you may need to perform additional steps over the standard solution import. This is needed as new features have been added to support more scenarios.

Upgrade Formula Steps

  • Navigate to the list of formulas in your CRM system
  • Find all formulas that use the 'ExecuteAction' function call
  • For each formula use either of the 2 functions SetAttributeAction() or  SetAttributeActionLookup() to replace the existing Action Input Arguments.

Before Example:

              'maxcount', '10',
              'recordtype', 'account',
              'accountref', [opportunity.accountid]   

After Example:

              SetAttributeAction('maxcount', 'Integer', '10' ),
              SetAttributeAction('recordtype', 'String', 'account'),

Did you know?

You can easily schedule recurring processes or CRM record updates

Every business has recurring processes and tasks that need to be done on repeatable and scheduled basis. Microsoft Dynamics 365 users are often surprised to learn that it is difficult to achieve using standard functionality. The North52 Scheduler makes it easy to trigger workflows and/or advanced business logic for specific entity records on a scheduled basis. 

Key features include:    

  • Create Recurring Schedules within Dynamics 365
  • Powerful Record Targeting - easily create queries to target a specific set of records
  • High Performance - can process 100,000+ records on a scheduled basis
  • Execute Workflow/Action or Update Entities
  • Native to Dynamics 365

Learn more about the Scheduler