When you are upgrading from a version prior to  you need to perform additional steps over the standard solution import. This is needed as many new features have been added & we wanted to provided an easy way to activate these for users on previous versions.

Note 1: If you just install version into a new MS CRM environment then there is no need to go through the upgrade steps.

Note 2: Version will only work with Dynamics 365 2011 UR 12+ or any version of Dynamics 365 2013

Note 3: If there are any issues or you receive any further error messages please contact our support team via this website or email

Upgrade Solution Steps

The upgrade steps are outlined below,

  • Navigate to the North52 Configuration record within Dynamics 365
  • Select the 'More Commands' option on the Command Bar
  • Click the 'Run Workflow' option
  • Choose the Workflow named 'N52 Solution Upgrade (' & execute this workflow
  • You can check the status of the Workflow under Settings -> System Jobs.



Upgrade Formula Steps

As part of this version we have made a change to the parameters of the CreateRecord() & UpdateRecord() functions. If you are using either of these two functions you will need to perform the steps below. In the past for these functions you would have set field values as follows,

  • UpdateRecord('account', [account.accountid], 'description.The quick brown fox') 

This syntax has now been deprecated & needs to be replaced as follows,

  • UpdateRecord('account', [account.accountid], SetAttribute('description', 'The quick brown fox') )

The best way to find all the formulas that need changing, is to perform a wildcard search on the formula entity for these 2 strings,
You can now open each formula make the change as show above & click save.

Upgrade Data-Maps Steps

There was one change made to a pick-list called 'Mode' on the formula entity. It had the following items renamed, 

  •  'Client Side Classic' to 'Client Side'
  •  'Client Side Classic & Server Side' to 'Client Side & Server Side'

This means that if you are on a previous version of the product your data-maps (for import formulas) will be out of date. The following set of steps will updated the data-maps with the latest versions,

  • Navigate to the North52 Configuration record within Dynamics 365
  • Select the 'More Commands' option on the Command Bar
  • Click the 'Run Dialog' option
  • Choose the Dialog named 'N52 Maintenance Operations' & execute this Dialog.
  • Choose from the set of operations the one named 'Install \ Refresh data Maps', click Next & then Finish.

Deployment Solutions

A new feature in the release is the ability to deploy formulas & schedules via a solution called 'North52 Business Process Activities Deployment'. We have this online knowledge base article that describes this process,

In terms of the upgrade if you want to use this feature to deploy formulas & schedules from your dev->test->production CRM systems  then the following steps are required,

Note if you have any formulas of type AutoNumber then you need to carry out these additional upgrade steps,

  • Before you delete the formulas from the above set of steps 
  • In the destination CRM system open up each formula of type AutoNumber and make a note of the AutoNumber field value. (i.e. the current value of the autonumber)
  • Now after you have imported & published the deployment solution 'North52 Business Process Activities Deployment'
  • Open each formula of type AutoNumber and put back the appropriate AutoNumber field value