When you are upgrading from a version prior to  you need to perform one additional step over the standard N52 BPA import solution. This is needed as many new features have been added & we wanted to provided an easy way to activate these for users on previous versions.

Note that if you just install version into a new MS CRM environment then there is no need to go through the upgrade steps.

Upgrade Steps

The upgrade steps are outlined below,

  • Navigate to the formula list within Dynamics 365.
  • Select all formulas 


  • Next click on the 'Run Workflow' from the ... on the ribbon
  • Now the standard dialog to choose a workflow will open.
  • Find & select the workflow named 'N52 Formula Upgrade' 
  • Click 'Ok' to execute the workflow against the formulas


  • If there are any issues or you receive any further error messages please contact our support team via this website or email