When you are upgrading to version (i.e. you downloaded & installed before, 09-Oct-2012, you need to perform one additional step over the standard N52 BPA import solution. This is needed as many new features have been added & we wanted to provided an easy way to activate them for users on previous versions.

Note that if you just install version into a new MS CRM environment then there is no need to go through the upgrade steps.

Upgrade Steps

The upgrade steps are outlined below,

  •  Navigate to the formula list within Dynamics 365.


  • Next click on the 'Open Configuration' button on the ribbon.
  • Now the N52 Configuration entity will open & you next need to click the 'Upgrade Deployment' button. If it completes successfully you will see a message indicating this.


  • If there are any issues or you receive any further error messages please contact our support team via this website or email

Did you know?

You can easily add powerful business logic to Dynamics Portals

North52 Business Process Activities provides the ability to easily configure and execute business rules on Dynamics Portals Entity Forms.

We make it very easy for you to configure simple or complex logic that changes the behaviour of the form:

  • Show/hide fields
  • Show/hide sections
  • Set fields required/not required
  • Show/hide notifications
  • Set field values
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