This article provides an overview of special character handling within North52 BPA.

The Character '?' for checking values

This character within North52 BPA is used to represent a null value in a field. It allows us to make checks like the 

If( [account.description] = '?', ......

Please note that instead of using the above format you would be better using our ContainsData() function as follows

  If( ContainsData([account.description]) , ......  

The Character '?' for setting null values

We can also use this character to set a null value as follows,

UpdateRecord('account', [account.accountid], SetAttribute('description', '?'))

A pair of '#' characters 

A function call as follows allows us to enter dates as strings in a North52 formula

 DateDiff('#01/01/2013#', '#02/02/2013#', 'd')  //Returns 32

The Character '#' for setting defaults 

This character within North52 BPA is used when a field contains a null value but you want to set it to an empty string value.