The following list of features & functions have been deprecated within North52 BPA (as of v1.0.0.452). If you need any help upgrading to the new features & functions just drop an email to and we will be happy to help you.



Any existing formulas that use the functions listed below will continue to execute as normal. However they should be re-written to use the new syntax when possible.

Max()Replaced by FindMaxFD().

 Before:  Max('OpportunityList.estimaterevenue', '0')
 After:  FindMaxFD('OpportunityList', 'estimaterevenue', 0)
Min()Replaced by FindMinFD().

 Before:  Min('OpportunityList.estimaterevenue', '0')
 After:  FindMinFD('OpportunityList', 'estimaterevenue', 0)
Avg()Replaced by FindAvgFD().

 Before:  Avg('OpportunityList.estimaterevenue', '0')
 After:  FindAvgFD('OpportunityList', 'estimaterevenue', 0)
Count()Replaced by FindCountFD().

 Before:  Count('OpportunityList.estimaterevenue', '0')
 After:  FindCountFD('OpportunityList', 'estimaterevenue', 0)
Sum()Replaced by FindSumFD().

 Before:  Sum('OpportunityList.estimaterevenue', '0')
 After:  FindSumFD('OpportunityList', 'estimaterevenue', 0)
Let()Please contact for assistance in upgrading this function.
LetReturn()As above.
ExecuteWorkflow()It is now always required that the guid of the record be passed in as the second parameter. This was not previously required if the formula executed client-side.

 Before:  ExecuteWorkflow('Lead Assignment')
 After:  ExecuteWorkflow('Lead Assignment', '00124ac3-0f6f-40dd-be64-d8c0bc5dbfbd')
FirstRecord(), LastRecord()Replaced by FindRecordsValue().

 Before:  FirstRecord('OpportunityList.estimaterevenue', '0')
 After:  FindRecordsValue(FindRecordsFD('OpportunityList'), 'estimaterevenue', 0)

Replaced by SetClientClientField().

 Before:   SetClientSideLookup ('account',' 90124ac3-226f-40dd-be64-d8c0bc5dbfbd','Microsoft','parentcustomerid')
 After:   SetClientClientField ('parentcustomerid', 'account', ' 90124ac3-226f-40dd-be64-d8c0bc5dbfbd ', 'Microsoft')  


Replaced by SetClientClientField().


Before: SetClientSideDate ('estimatedclosedate', '2010-01-01')

After: SetClientClientField ( 'estimatedclosedate', '2010-01-01' )



Dialog \ Workflow CalculationThis formula type has been replaced by the formula type 'Process Genie'
Display AlertUse a Validation rule or the client-side function Alert()
NotificationsThese formula types have been replaced by using the 'Client Side Perform Action' formula type  & SetFormNotification() function.
Save To ChildrenThe formula type Save To Children has been deprecated. Instead use a ForEachRecord() function call to iterate over the child
 records & then perform an UpdateRecord() function call to issues the updates. See here for an example,
DeploymentThe old 'Export Formulas' \ 'Export Schedules' menu options for export your formulas \ schedules has been deprecated & will be removed in a future release.

Please refer to this knowledge base article for how to deploy formulas & schedules via solutions.